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Renton Food Bank (Salvation Army)
We hear it in the news every day; the economy is brutal. Job losses continue to rise, utility rates are increasing, gas prices stubbornly refuse to go down and medical costs are astronomical. For an ever-growing population there exist increasingly hard choices about what little money comes in. Prescriptions or groceries? Heat or groceries? Rent or groceries? Christmas gifts for the children or groceries……… these are heartbreaking questions no should have to ask. The Salvation Army Renton Rotary Food Bank is a beacon of hope for our community and strives to help those who struggle back on their feet. There is the constant danger that as the needy population grows, the Food Bank will not be able to provide assistances to all in our community who hunger, face a home without light and heat or water or at the very worst, homelessness. Be the hope we all must have to make through these frightening times, please support our mission to serve suffering humanity.

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